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You are invited to provide input to this workshop at the European Business Summit, for which some facts and figures about renewable energy may serve as an introduction: According to the International Energy Agency (IEA-2007), renewables accounted for 13.1% of the world’s total primary energy supply in 2004. Biomass and hydro make up the biggest… » read more

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Reducing the environmental impact of consumer products – from the provision of raw materials over the production phase to consumption and disposal – is a challenge the Commission sought to address in its 2003 Integrated Product Policy (IPP) proposal. This European Business Summit workshop will discuss how Sustainable Consumption in the EU can be brought… » read more

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Scientists and industrialists are breaking their heads to develop newer/better/effecient products/equipments that will produce lesser pollutants into our atmosphere. One area that fewer people are discussing/investing is in reforestations, trying to undo the damage of deforestation. Yes, regreening our planet earth. Trees are just one of NATURE’s product which are very effecient in capturing Carbon… » read more

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Although initiatives and legislative measures have been introduced since 1993, a genuinely competitive and genuinely interconnected European market for gas and electricity is still not in place. This workshop at the European Business Summit will deal with this situation, which was recognised by the Energy Council and EU Heads of State in early 2007. Establishment… » read more

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This European Business summit (EBS 2008) workshop will discuss and debate EU policies for stimulating green investment. This post sets out the scope of this EBS 2008 workshop (see EBS ‘08 programme). Everyone interested in the topic, whether they’re coming to EBS 2008 or not, is welcome to use this blog to comment or submit… » read more

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