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‘Greening the Economy’ – a Blogactiv Event Blog

Posted by Greening the Economy on 29/02/08

This video is about impressions from the 2008 edition of the European Business Summit, and how the event blog managed and hosted by Blogactiv helped make this conference more interactive.

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Best Policies, Best Practices, Best Behaviours: Driving Solutions together for a Sustainable Future

Posted by Anthony Simon on 25/02/08

Anthony Simon, President Marketing Unilever Foods (retired), Advisor to WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development), Deputy Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the World future Council, member of various boards and actively engaged in sustainable development: There is overwhelming consensus since only yesterday that mankind is indeed massively impacting our planet and its [...]

Total on strategic energy technologies

Posted by Greening the Economy on 25/02/08

Jean-François Minster, chief technology officer and senior vice president scientific development with Total, on the financing of strategic energy technologies in the EU.

Tetra Pak on sustainable consumption

Posted by Greening the Economy on 25/02/08

Erika Mink, Environment Manager with Tetra Pak Europe, on sustainable consumption and incentives: “What’s most important is to agree on how environemental performance of products is measured and how it’s communicated to what’s the marketplace.”

Oracle EMEA President on universities and business

Posted by Greening the Economy on 25/02/08

Sergio Giacoletto, executive vice president of Europe, Middle East, and Africa for Oracle and a member of the software company’s Executive Management Committee, comments on universities’ relations with business, curricula and employability, and on knowledge and technology transfer between academia and business.

Read Sergio Giacoletto’s blog here.

Controversy on sustainable consumption

Posted by Annelies Maes on 22/02/08

Jim Murray, former Secretary-General with BEUC, the European Consumers’ organisation, and Procter&Gamble President for Western Europe Gianni Ciserani comment on sustainable consumption.

La Russie sera un partenaire majeur du Business Summit 2009

Posted by Greening the Economy on 22/02/08

Questionnée sur la prèsence rèlativement basse d’industriels russes à l’edition 2008 de European Business Summit, Tatiana Shubina (European House, Moscou) répond: “On se prépare à un grand évennement avec une participation et un partneariat russe en 2009.” Concernant les livraisons de gaz naturel de la Russie en Europe Centrale et Occidentale, elle dit: “C’est la [...]

Welcome to the European Business Summit [video]

Posted by Greening the Economy on 21/02/08

A welcome message to the event blog for the European Business Summit 2008 – Greening the Economy.

Renewables: can they deliver?

Posted by Greening the Economy on 04/02/08

You are invited to provide input to this workshop at the European Business Summit, for which some facts and figures about renewable energy may serve as an introduction: According to the International Energy Agency (IEA-2007), renewables accounted for 13.1% of the world’s total primary energy supply in 2004. Biomass and hydro make up the biggest [...]

Sustainable Consumption – what incentives?

Posted by Greening the Economy on 30/01/08

Reducing the environmental impact of consumer products – from the provision of raw materials over the production phase to consumption and disposal – is a challenge the Commission sought to address in its 2003 Integrated Product Policy (IPP) proposal. This European Business Summit workshop will discuss how Sustainable Consumption in the EU can be brought [...]

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